2013 let's do thing


so a new year starts anew. every time this moment come, i always had this tinge of morose and gloomy feeling. maybe knowing that this one year has passed and can never be undone. and what have i done for all the time given to me. anyone feels the same? 

anyway, i seldom make specific new year's resolution - i mean, everyone wants to be better; a better Muslim, a better child, a better citizen etc., those are too general. but this time i feel like writing out a list on that, like get people to be less frightened of my driving, learn swimming (?) or organized sleep hours or some more unineresting stuffs. well, that'd get me thinking this few days. but knowing myself, sigh. ahhh ... i'd get at least one of them done! (well, let's see what the entry in 1st jan next year would be about hahah)

and school is starting so early! i have always dreaded the first day of school opening from breaks since high school, because i have to depart with my ever comfortable home. but my youngest sister is far from sad to be back at school this afternoon (it's not even 2013 yet!

last day of 2012. iyah is already a senior!

ah, and i better include this in my list, start EVERY action with bismillah.

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