of broken pipes and politics dirty games

january is coming to an end by another week. 

for the time being, i went to bed really late now. heh i thought i wanted to have organized sleeping hours but no, they get worse. and, the workload has not even come in yet! 

and the first week of 2013 couldn't start with anything but water shortage. fuh i was trying hard to keep my spirits high for the new year (despite all the complaining and sighs i gave) and when this happens, i really think i should say ' Serves you right!' to ungrateful me. 

there's not even a single drop from the water taps. so what we do is to fetch water from downstairs. i stayed at the 16th floor in a condo (it really doesn't live up to its name, this is serious) and everyday, my housemates and i would together go to lectures and on the afternoon, fetch water from the separate tanks provided by the water company. using pails and anything else possible to contain water. imagine that and carrying them to the our floor. thank God there's lift or the water would be all splashed out by the time we reached our house.

it went on for two weeks plus. but it felt like two long years. 
i dunno how africans can survive with depleting source of water. 

our hands are red with blisters. but good thing is, i think i gained muscles LOL. and the people in this condo had no better opportunity to mingle with each other. we could barely know who's living in the same building but because of the water shortage, we got to meet (and for some, greet) the pretty ladies, the cute hunks, the wise uncles, the hardworking aunties, the naughty kids and the under rated foreign house maids. 

and during this period, we all had to endure the strenuous desire to use water more than we actually have in store, like having a long shower. we had to hold it in even, for the excretion process and wait till the next morning, because the water supply in college is not disrupted. 
(the boys showered at college before they came to class, i didn't because that would need me to bring so many things, you know girls)

of course, i heard stuff like main water pipes got broken. and the political game it entangled with. duhh this one looks very much like in tv dramas, i can't believe my ears to hear this happening in Malaysia. power betul. neither way, suspending water is so not cool, because it's a basic necessity.
there's a family of this one indian lady, she hunches on her back because of her age and she had to carry so many pails of water, with only his husband to help him. and his husband is also not capable of carrying heavy things, due to his age. they went up and down for so many times and only once, i saw their daughter, who was in her thirties helped. i guess the daughter is working and they had small babies. hence, they need more water so the grandparents had to carry all the water to help. i don't know but i was touched to see that.

and one day, my housemate told me the water is back.
and when i got back from class, the water's gone again. wuaaa!
that happened twice before the water stop putting up a joke on us.

up till this day, the water is still running. alhamdulillah.

but the suspense is not over yet, our landlady told told us to keep some water in store because it might happen anytime soon. agh not again!

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