even the sounds are similar

i went skating few days ago, with my brotha and sistah. 

i realized that being there was like being somewhere not in Malaysia, hey i saw faces from all over the world. haha.  my dad even told us to, 
 "imagine you are skating somewhere in Beijing or..."  T3T

fuyoh feel so...  fly like a g6  

...excited before i got into the skating rink. and then it turned into anxiety.
'i've never been skating before? how can i...?!"

so i attached myself to the wall. skating slowly with my fingers holding neatly to the wall., it didn't even count as skating. 

then my thighs were feeling ... er too much pressure (?) to keep balance, i suppose. so only then i tried to walk away from the wall. *eh macam berani sangat je...* 
with my brother's helping la.he's already good.

though i skate like a fail monster, i skate and skate, using one leg (the one you force to push you to keep you skating..err ignore if this is unfathomable). again i felt too much pressure on the other leg.so i changed the leg.

only after a hundred lap round the rink, i used both my legs alternately.okay to walk properly on the skating shoes was already that hard, don't even bother to think of how many thousand times i fell down on the floor. 
well not really thousand times, i might say it's hundreds hehe. 

however i didn't feel pain. just the urge to go on and on. i crashed with my sister, banged one small kid and the rest were my failing attempts to balance. i think everyone is aware that skate has the similar sound as 'sakit'. *tak bunyi sama sangat punnn...*

and it was DEFINITELY FUN!

coretan: sobsobsob. merasai kesakitannya sekarang.

3 bombings:

cikNAO said...

waaa . lepas nie farah kne ajar azie pulak skate yea :)

jari | jemari said...

hehe. bolehhh. i fall you fall also lah.

cikNAO said...

u fall i laugh lah . haha . kiddin'


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