the urge to write

actually there is none.

last week was a fine one. cousins and families from all over the places came. specifically, from kelantan and johor.

my house was crowded with them, i tell you. good thing we have enough rooms for everyone. *now why do i feel like my house has a similarity with the burrow? heheh*

as an impact, i’ve gone to MAHA for many trips. three to be exact. the first was with my auntie, whom we called Cik Dee. and from the first trip, i got to know that i’m a perfect tour guide, since i can’t recognize the roads any better than a baby. and so we got lost and around the world we went. perfect? blahh.

ugh feel bad for that.bad tour guide. failed.

now now have you gone to MAHA? it was fun for me to be there, despite the scorching sun and the long walks but cancel the latter, i like strolling a walk.

the best part was the food testers hihih and i got to touch the goats and cows. and sheeps!
hahah overexcited pulak.
touched the sheep and it was soft. very. and my sister dipped her finger into the skin, to feel the sheep’s body.i was intrigued to do so.
couldn’t resist. and, it was amazing that the wool was that thick!

and a trip to my mom’s cousin too. actually to his studio. he’s an who paint and draw. his studio was like an abandoned house but with art pieces everywhere, literally. every corner is to be gazed at. another amazing thing.
check out more about the studio from my sister’s blog. here!

dance little rats dance!

coretan: cheese cake! omnomnom.

2 bombings:

Anonymous said...

Ini adalah artikel bagus untuk dibaca, terima kasih untuk berbagi.

aisya said...

haha. aisya dekat je kajang. tapi tak pergi pun. tak mampu nak merempuh berapa ramainya manusia


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