as pee am (gah!)


and this year's batch is claimed to be the best of the four previous years'. 
i was like, really? 
later i read up that there are 363 smarties who got perfect straight A+. woohoo!

anyway heartiest CONGRATULATIONS to all SPM candidates no matter what you got.

seriously, the world doesnt end if you think you did bad. 
i mean it's great if you scored with flying colours (is this even right? ah you got my point), but if you screw it up, don't end your life just yet. work real hard for your pre-university or diploma or whatever you'll pursue and you'll taste your own sweet success though you suck in your spm.

and don't forget to do sujud syukur.
(wink wink my schoolmates! )

ok  i received my spm's result last two years but why did i sound like a granny. whatever. 

congrats Nabil!

coretan: time flew so fast it is already two years since i left school. wuwuwu how i miss school :'(

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