i'm gonna be productive. you wish


ohyeah it's holiday!

oh yeah oh yeah

i know i know i shouldnt be too happy, like over the top happiness. it's just for a week and i still have load of work -.- but it is holiday and i'm home! yeay!

i want to do this. i want to do that. i want to do so many things! well because i have exams, i planned to do so many things in my head,when at other times i don't even feel like doing them. 

mengada betul.

i am just like the cartoon.

but who knows, nice things will happen. 

like this, maybe? hehe

coretan: pray for Japan. innalillah 

4 bombings:

Khaleela said...

kak farah~~
i vote for you to find the"nice things"..

heheh tell me d news when u return back kay...hahah

jari | jemari said...

vote? doa la :)


farh..byknye nak wat..happy holiday!!!

K2r~90 said...

weh ngape mamat tuh .. ermm.. x pe lah .. die hensem keh3x


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