The Big Bad Wolf!


apa khabar? kabare? sup dude?

ok starting oct 7, which was last friday until oct 16, there would be held The Big Bad Wolf at MAEPS in Serdang. and what the heck is The Big Bad Wolf?!

Chillax, it's a harmless bookfair (just that it sounds like a predator).Qu, a friend from KUSESS, also an avid reader, told me about a competition to win stuff for this bookfair.
 I was like okay and so i joined her excitement to enter the competition that requires us to be the first 30 to guess the place it would be held.
we failed miserably, but that was because we both had classes on that day.

and so, she kept updating me about it.
until last week, i thought it had already started. but i was getting too excited and as usual, careless about the date i almost go there a week before it even starts.
Qu mentioned to bring box, no she was suggesting a trolley and i thought she was joking but it was practically a very wise advice indeed.

so the plan: my mom asked me to get my brother drive me there. and ask my little sister if she wants to come along. so it'll be just the two of us.

and on Saturday morning,
my mom suddenly want to join the troop. and my brother as the driver. AND, my dad came along as well. wow that's an achievement! hahha.
anyway, we got there by 12, quite late, but there was no other car when we enter MAEPS. and i was having so many thoughts like 'am i getting the wrong date again? but i've double checked that!' or 'is it boring?'

but we were actually entering it from the wrong gate. so that explains.
we parked and directly got into the tram. there were so many, it kept coming one after another, to pick the visitors up to the main hall.

and, reaching the main hall, we had to queue up and the lines made us all sighed and murmured under our breath. but it didn't even take a split second. maybe they just want to do some headcount. and to let us enter the exhibition hall with calm and poise hehe.

so we entered. the hall was filled with tables, each filled with books of all genres. i was amazed and astonished, i stood for a minute or two before my eyes caught the large sign saying 'FICTION'. i think i should go there, so i walked like a zombie.

i saw people with boxes, filled with books they grabbed here there. ok now i remembered what Qu said. i didnt even bring a bag.
i picked up a book. i think, "Nah, i won't read this." so, i grabbed another book before i realized that the books only cost ONLY RM 8! fullamak gilalah!


so the banner saying 'minimum 75-95% discount' is after all true!
we went crazy and went around for books we want.

my dad's to buy or not to buy

everyone was busy looking on the tables, on the titles of the books, head down.
and on the cashier line,
almost everyone bought boxes of books, literally.

am holding this large book. not to mention, heavy like ... and it's rm20!

i mean, in everyday life, people would buy up to just 5 books at one time but this, we all went berserk over this.

my catch for today

i was very satisfied. so was my dad, mom, brother and my sister even more. because she has been holding back to buy books because she's short of money and things like that.
she bought like double the number of my books!

so people do come over! it's worth the try.

coretan: i'll collect coins, anyone?

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