it's Sunday again! alhamdulillah we are all still alive.

and and and, it's the last day Big Bad Wolf Book Sale at Mardi. Tolonglah pergi!

So yesterday was fun. Just went for a walk at places where there would always be a crowd. 
My luck, (and their gain ehem) i got this pair of shoes! 
My present sandals are great but due to abusive use in rain and shine, i need to use glue on a regular basis to make it stays usable.  
Plus, i've always been searching for this kind of shoes. the thing is, i just couldn't find my size before. 

and to my surprise, it's on 20% discount! i only know that when i was about to pay (yes i was like dancing inside)
no wonder, people were getting in and out of the store like crazy, it was unusual. 
my guess, it was their opening day and they were having a sale. i never notice that store before. 

that's about it, about my shoes. not a big deal though.

seen some Japanese guys, with checkered shirts, baggy pants and b-boy caps. wonder what they're doing there. (ah there were some foreigners, males and females, in the store as well, like i told, they were mad)

and i did see this trio kids, 11 or 12, wearing clothes that did not match their age. they might think it's stylish or whatever, but heck, NO. malay kids to boot. shorts and skirts so high their thighs are all bare, let alone their tops. lets pray they change for the better. amin.



coretan: there's a new-born baby girl in family. most probably, her name will be Nur Kasih! kelas kau Jah!

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