video i don't want to watch

Tun Mahathir is in this video.

True, on the very first seeing the thumbnail I was, as usual, being ignorant to such things and videos because i don't want to get involved with politics. i don't even want to know.

but, i don't know what made me. the 7-minute duration somehow did lessen my intention to watch it. but again, i did.

and i did not regret.
upon watching, i was in awe with what he said and how he responded, how vocal he was, how he stand firm on what he believed.

i dont see this so much of a political thing or i would, most of the time, get away of it. all the awe made me think that this is what we should be. not just in the leaders we need and we hope on but in ALL OF US, we must reach to that level to defend what is ours- country and religion. 

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