Tolong! Kucing ni apahal?!

my family never had a pet.

my mom had a hard time managing the little garden in front of our house back in ampang, because the all the cats and kittens from the neighbourhood seemed to have a consensus on where they should take a dump - in our yard.

lately, well, i'd say a year ago, i have this growing intent to keep one. i was thinking to keep a rabbit as a pet. and then, it changed to a deer -.- (when i voiced this to my mom, she even went on thinking to get a peacock!) anyway, my dad won't agree, it'll be smelly and unhygienic, he'd say.

but, later on, we were surprised that my dad agreed on keeping a cat (all thanks to his friend's cat who gave birth to adorable kitties that my dad cannot resist hehe). we didn't get a kitten, though.

somehow, the kittens from last year have grown up into adult cats and suddenly reappear in our backyard. dah besar makin comel pulak haa. i recognize this one cat's habit - it'll hiss at anyone, acting cocky and all. i tried touching its head, it IMMEDIATELY changed into a very tame cat. lol wut is dis? trying to win my affection to get food eh?

zaman kecik

and so, it comes by everyday then, to the kitchen, to the garden and to my brother's room too. it'll meow when it's hungry and nuzzle up, usually around the legs (we often can hardly walk with a cat in between our feet.) another cat does appear together, but he's too afraid of making contact and run away every time.

few days ago, another cat came. from the first look you'll know it belongs to someone. it's so fluffy, with tail so big, but too scaredy to even jump the gate sighhh. it even looked a bit dumb, too spoiled. it didn't even eat fried fish! orang kaya mana lah yang bela kau ni

garang gila

later that evening, when i was feeding the usual cat (lets call it Kucing and the other cat Fluffy), this fluffy cat came. purring and hissing so loud it scares Kucing. few minutes later, Fluffy is still there, rubbing gently on everything he touched. macam kurang kasih sayang betul. and so, i petted gently. of course it gave in, terus jadi manja. it played around my feet ( i was standing, was going to get inside the house) when suddenly it went bonkers. i can feel the thin claws on my foot and unexpectedly, it scratched hard and bit me!


i went in, feeling agitated by Fluffy. tak mengenang budi betul la, you spoiled cat. there was some blood around the ankle, resulting from its canine, i'm pretty sure. ala tapi cinonet je cakaran tu, tak sakit pun, cuma cakaran di hati lebih dalam. hahah. 

because that was the first time a cat bit me.
it really is a big dream to have a pet, it seems haha.

the best part is now nowhere to be seen. guess the owner took him back. or, it found another owner. or, it died! *GULP

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