whiner mode

i'm whining. the title's perfect. 
i went grocery-shopping a few days ago. the part where i look at the machine for the sum to be paid was the part i dislike the most.

back then, when i was a small cute kid, buying groceries is always fun.

my siblings and i grab cornflakes, 
cheerios,ice cream, sausages, 
frozen fries, chocolate, candy, 
carton milk, yummy fruit juices and many more 
(as long as mama gives us a nod, or a smile of course..), 
as we please.

*oh no, you drool*

the trolley would be full with the stuff we grab. 
imagine a trolley fully-loaded with those i mentioned above! 
and it would only costs around a hundred ringgit or so. 
and plus, we would be happy for the whole fortnight!
(uh..em, well, there is some exception i.e if i got into a fight with my brother or whatnot..)
the goods we bought last up to a fortnight. 
and i really think the sum was okay.

unlike now, the present days. *sigh*

i bought like some biscuits. 
add detergent into the list. 
a pack of candy.
a few other small things like sugar, pencil, erasers etc. 
even the trolley was not full. 
oh wait, it wasn't even half-loaded! 
(i don't know how to describe this, but half-loaded seems right  TT.TT ).
and i paid a hundred and fifty ringgit! 

oh my! 
this is SO not right! 
happy is never the word i'd have in my mind at such moments. 
if i ever going to shop like we used to before, 
i will need to have at least maybe three hundreds in hand. 

i know the world is suffering because of money exchange 
and currency and whatever else related. 

i hate the fact that money makes the world goes round.

i miss the olden days! so much it makes me wanting to eat a bucket of ice cream now. 

coretan : i'm going tomorrow. to a place i never imagine i'd be studying at. wish me luck!

3 bombings:

aisya said...

oh really?where r u studying at???


jari | jemari said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
jari | jemari said...

sori lambat reply. maktab aisya :)


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