the adventure of anime world (i have problem coming up with fancier title)

Assalamualaikum (jawab jangan tak jawab. no, i'm not flirting, thank you)

scroll down, for photos. extra lengthy details ahead. seriously.

Right after the run, we went straight to the next destination. Casting away the sad-tinged feeling nested inside me for not being lucky to win the bikes (and we found out we had to send in our beeps to win too late!), we lurked around there for nearly half an hour. At times, crowds are very entertaining to just watch them.

My understanding dad anticipated the lucky draw as well and was also completely taken aback by the fact that we didn't even stand a chance. Then, we changed clothes at the mosque, a bit of touch ups here and there and we're ready for the long awaited event - 

(it's an annual event but it's my first time and i've been dreaming to go for years)

Travelling by LRT is seldom a problem, unlike the ancient KTM, but this time I was puzzled. the coin-ticket made me tremble everytime (i've been scolded by a guard, publicly, only at my second time using it. he was lucky i didn't burst into tears and wail, oh how i wish i did that), the machine had history putting into trouble searching for change because it didn't accept large notes and now, i couldn't find the entrance to Masjid Jamek Monorail. 

realizing that we have to buy the coins first untangle the miserable confusions in our heads. things change.

it's near noon and our stomachs were growling for meals, even louder when all the bits and pieces of calories had already been dropped along the 7km route earlier. 

But the queues for the ticket would be super long and it'd be best if we get hold of them first before grabbing some lunch. and so, we crawled with the flow to the Convention Center, just next to Suria KLCC.

the crowds were extra larger (?) today, look to your left, right, all you'd see is sea of people, this time it's the Pacific Ocean hehs. 

from afar, i could see people lining up even before entering. the camera was ready, but we were too amazed by the distinct visitors and of course, the cosplayers! 
i could only name a few of the characters they portrayed, but the whole picture astonishes me to the point that i kept gawking at them from head to toe since it was my first time seeing cosplayers, and not just from the screens.

the cosplayers put a very great effort to play the roles they desired - the dyed hairs, the heavy make-ups, the costly detailed costumes, painstakingly handmade props. 

i don't think i'd ever join cosplay even if the idea seems pretty much interesting to me. 

or maybe i will, 

but with a full mask so no one could recognize me hihih. so, while waiting for our turns, i kept gawking  and hey! i found someone familiar, right few steps ahead of me in the line. it's one of the mentolpecah guys!

as i was about to find the other guy, i saw a video cam. must be recording vid to put up in youtube, i bet. the guys came together with their friends in costumes, which i believe were from online games i'd never know what the name is. texted a friend of mine, who is a fan of mentolpecah, just to tell them they are very tall in real life! seriously.

entering the building, we were directed to a hall, only for ticketing purposes. the lines were super long but promising because we didn't wait any longer than 10 minutes. plus, there were more cosplayers with even bizarre costumes trolling in the hall. talking about trolls, the crews had all been supplied with the troll faces from the notorious memes online. 

TROLOLOL was all i can say.

comel mak ngah yang jaga kaunter tiket!

after getting the ticket for rm15, we were led to another hall. this time, it's the hall of Comic Fiesta 2011! 

imagine a really huge hall and large crowds swamped in at intervals. it was packed but the excitement thrilled us and the crews in lime green shirts were sweating profusely to get the visitors moving so as not to cause congestion.

on the left of the hall were booths of hundreds of cartoonists. with nearly perfect sketches of anime characters. 
cantik-cantik semua!

and pay rm3 or rm6, you can get them to draw for you. there was even this one guy who dares the visitors to ask him draw any character or anything. i'd like one for myself but i didn't because when Arifah (my cousin) did it, she had to wait nearly 2 hours for her turn. too long, and i don't think my feet can stand too long from the walks.

so we went round and round, seeing prints and posters, nice colours, amazing drawing skills and of course, the always mesmerizing people in costumes.

i felt funny every time i was rubbing shoulders with the others. maybe because, when we looked at each others' faces, we were utterly immersed with the exhibition of cartoons. 

or maybe, it was just me.

aren't these cosplayers cool? hikhik. NOT!

attempt to capture them ALL together - failed miserably, because the space was limited

INILAH DIA *drumrolls* KAORU!



Ulfah was so confused and cautiously excited, she grinned when the girl was so in character. She was scaryyyyy, she glued her eye with plaster (i don't know)!

this guy's funny. there were some others who were captivating as well, just no luck to be in photos hehs.

and the performance ended, we had to exit for zohor and the torturing hunger, right.

in the end, 
we didn't even know who wins! up till today =.=

so there you go.

guess this is going on longer than i expected. semangat, tulis pun berjela.

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