Jom! Kitar Semula

Hmm which one should I write first?

Ok. I'll go by order. It's Sunday morning babeh.

With the all prepared mindset to fight all the way till the end, I woke up, well actually my mom woke me up, for this one competition - Larian Jom! Kitar Semula! Ehem. Heck no, I didn't even plan to enter the race but, why not right?
As long as I bring recycle stuffs i.e seven full sets of newspapers and ten plastic bottles or cans, or tetrapaks, I can join. I was actually hesitant on the idea because I didn't practice and I left my running shoes at college and my mom already gave away the newspapers and... Yelah, it was me. Talk about being unproductive.

But my sister already registered and because I thought it might be fun, I followed her suit and so did my cousin who is coming over for a visit. My dad drove us to Precinct 2 at 7 and as predicted, there was a sea of people. And carrying the newspapers and bottles, we went against the humans barrier, against the flow,with blood and sweat, to the counter. Huu sounds epic, when I was just feeling awkward.

The crowd was overwhelming even the crews couldn't manage them all despite the many counters they provided to actually increase the efficiency. The crew that handled mine forgot about the recycle stuffs which means I could have just forget them all the way! hehehs. So we ended up running without proper warming up, and i was afraid i might get cramps though i had never in races before, and the shoes bothered me too, a tiny bit. but no big deal. so we ran and ran, even though i didn't intend to actually run. 
given that my sister had practiced for this race, she was fitter lah and the fact that she's thinner than me is one thing heheh, so i was behind her. but my cousin, well you know, SPM candidates focus solely on their studies for the whole year, so she was hmmm having a shock, i shall say heheh. 

the adults and youngsters started the race before the kids and veterans, because their routes were only 3 km and ours were 7. but, it wasn't long before a young boy sped up and i was thinking that he had started with the wrong batch. and he disappeared just like that, conforming that he was actually very fast among the other kids.

there were so many participants and it lessen the probability for me to ever get a place (the first 500 gets prizes!), so I dragged my cousin to use shortcut! But of course, we didn't get the ribbon for checkpoint. In the end, I tried to give a last sprint but why wasn't the end nearing?! I ended up walking to the finishing line =.=

So yes, my sister got a medal. There were 50 medals (or so) for each category. I was in the category with the largest age gap, 19-45 if i'm not mistaken and everywhere i looked was people in the same category as mine. But my cousin, she's in the same category as my sis, got the medal as well,  but i was like far ahead of her, ehem although it wasn't that far hih.
*Sigh* Yelah, I didn't receive a medal. Satisfied?

All in all, the race was fun. Made me feel better, but better if i win the lucky draw but i didn't, so sadddd, the winners got bikes, nice white bikes.
Seen happy families running together, even little toddlers wore the beep hahah, a mom jogging with her baby in pram, young couples made lame jokes to each other =.=' 
And the crews were happily roller-blading, they looked like they were dancing on streets. I'm so jelly :D

gettin ready

the sea
the medallists. grrr

So next up, the adventures of anime world! Comic Fiesta!
But before I spill the beans on it, maybe a photo can do the trick.

Heheh a blurry photo is there for a reason (?)

footnote: My legs! Oh no *sobbing

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