How to Sharpen Eyesight

How can I sharpen my eyesight? No worries. Just sharing some info :) 

Here's a way how. Look at faces you love often. But uh-uh not your ajnabee, your boyfriend no no. Except that he is officially the husband. 
The counted faces are of your mother, of course, your parents, your children and any of the same gender.

Btw, just by looking your parents on the face will gain you points for good deeds. Cool right? 
Cool enough for me. 

This is what people call as petua, you see. I'm not bluffing and it's that easy!

Or keep looking at green things (hence the colour of the font :D ). or eat less sweets. or eat more carrots! Yup.

footnote: insyaAllah. 

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Adilah Zulaikha said...

or even look at the sea, the beautiful sky during the nice weather or trees and all natural things of GOD's creations :)


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