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I always blog about crap and even if I didn't, I feel so. It doesn't benefit people reading it (if any). It doesn't benefit me either, by means of future reference perhaps. But mehh, I don't know much to spread useful things, what more to speak about religious matter. Hence, I feel useless and stupid. 

But, that's what humans are right? Useless, weak, helpless. Because Allah is the All Mighty. 

I found this one blog. She used to my senior in school. So let me tell something about her. Her name was famous at school because she was intelligent, like super intelligent, and I remembered she was always the top students whenever the lists were out on notice board. It's not weird because she was very hardworking and I never forget that this one time, we were studying in study room, at about 3 pm, when everyone would get sleepy and usually take a nap, and not doing revision. She was sleepy, her head even swayed back and front hihih it was quite funny. But that's not the point. She was in the middle of memorizing her notes and the air was dry and warm. The minute she was awake, she mumbled the thing she was trying hard to insert into her memory and seconds later, her head swayed again. She, unconsciously, kept doing such for another couple of head jerks until her friend woke her up. 
And I sat there for 5 minutes or more, a junior looking at her senior, in awe, from the corner of the room. Her determination, her hard work. It shows even in her sleep. 

So back to her blog, she is still the same brilliant student, what can I expect. Her blog is simple but very captivating for me to continue reading it. Let me quote her in one of her entry saying that she was given the honour to give a talk (or something like that) and she is yet just a student, 
"Jangan kagum dengan saya. Kagum dengan Dia."


Remember Allah in every little detail in your life, Farah. Find Him in everything you do.

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Adilah Zulaikha said...

Assalam, farah I don't get the meaning of your title..n who? nk bace jugak :D

mama ju, said...

Yes, stupid?, nak tau jugak!

jari | jemari said...

Haha. Title tu randomly blurted out lah, biasa la kan.
Kak Najah punya sebenarnya. Ni dia


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