Eclipse, with Taylor Lautner


Taylor Lautner? Hihih lame joke

I couldn't remember if I ever watch an eclipse before. But I did it anyway last Saturday. Due to my ignorance, I didn't know it started since Maghrib. And then, we were busy preparing dinner. 
Only after 11 pm, I was really intrigued to watch the moon. And it was amazing! Allahuakbar. At that point, the moon was a crescent, the moonlight was so bright, but the surrounding sky was dark, dark enough to allow the rarely seen stars to twinkle. Yes, I seldom see stars here, maybe it's the pollution. I twisted and bent my neck so I didn't miss any stars showing up themselves up there. Hey they winked for me anyway! Hahha. 

It's quite a waste if we couldn't get to see it by ourselves. Why do we watch eclipse? Why do we, Muslimin, even perform special prayer on this occasion? Why do you think?

Yup, none other than to admit that Allah is the All Mighty. That He has all the power, He controls every single thing in the Milky Way, and of course our lives are, too. In fact, it'd be super easy since He sets the whole world without difficulties, and without any help. "Kun faya kun". Man, that's incredible. Subhanallah. 

And about an hour later, I sneaked out to see the sky again. I was planning to stay outside but my dad said it won't be safe. The moon was regaining its initial form, there was like another 10% of the moon under the earth's shadow (is it? err okay tak pasti ni heheh). And the stars were already disappeared from sight :( But the moon was still shining brightly, eh no, reflecting brightly is correct. 

But I'd like it more if I could see it when the moon became reddish orange -phenomenal. Like in the photos.

footnote: Song Ji Hyo FTW!

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Aishah Nur Hakim said...

awak rasa, bulan cantek ke saya cantek?



jari | jemari said...

nakal ni!


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