My two cents on Charlie Hebdo

Murder or killing is never approved regardless of whatever belief you choose to embrace. We don't have to talk about what Islam preaches about it to know - it's purely human.

Apparently, not everyone is blessed with humanity.

However, while I am completely against the horrendous act done by the terrorists, I still do not condone what the other party had done. Although the action of degrading, to the point of insulting and putting some lives as jokes isn't as heinous, by all means, as homicide, it is a despicable act. Now, some may disagree saying that it is permissible under the name of freedom of speech but nothing is ever truly free, in the right sense, because in one way or another, you are going to pay for it. And in this unfortunate case, it took 12 lives, including innocent civilians. That's the thing about attacks such as this, the innocent lives are always on the line.

And that's why we cannot just watch.
Be rational in everything we do.

I believe Islam lives by modesty and bil hikmah.

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