Nice Surprise from the Aussies

Generally, humans like nice surprises although not all surprises are as pleasant. It's been some time since I last receive a card, letter let alone a parcel. But today, I went to class to find out that I (actually it's meant for a whole bunch of my friends and I) got a parcel!

It was from our Australian buddies! It was meant to arrive around Christmas but we were on semester break. Anyway, receiving a handwritten card with a red hat is heart warming. Hugggs to all my Aussie buddies! Awww I miss them all! I remember one time they finished their final papers and had dinner together at Mama Michelle's place (the oldest and dearest of them all) and they video called us because they miss Malaysia (and of course, us too)! Aren't they sweet! I am beyond happy just by remembering this hehe.

I still haven't tell about their trip here. there's just too many things to be told, and i can't think of where to start either. it's okay, i'll figure that out slowly. 

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Adilah Zulaikha said...

Wahh so nice of them! Btw kta da lama xbukak blog hahahaha


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